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Is it possible to train karate for girls?

There is no doubt - yes! Girls may also feel free to practice karate.

Is there an age limit when training karate?

No, you can get kids from four, five years, and there is no age limit.

How can I start training?

The first workout is always free, so you can select the time to come according to your group and feel free to try the workout.

Is there some kind of competition  where child could improve himself and win prizes?

Yes, there are  seminars, competitions, camps, not only in Lithuania but also throughout the world, the child will learn new things, meet new people and improve himself.

When it is possible to hold a belt exam?

Exams take place on average every three months. The "Karateka" decides when they want to take the exam or to he can consult with his coach.

What is learned during the trainings?

Self-confidence, inner peace, co-ordination, the abruptness of the speed, strength, self-defense martial art and karate!


What kind of equipment is needed to start karate lessons?
For straters you can wear a casual and convenient clothes but after you get a belt you should get Gi (Kimono).
It cost about 90 lit'as.


Is Traditional Karate full contact sport? Could a child get hurt during the trainings?

Traditional Karates is not full contact sport and during trainings we teach strict contole of puches so children could not

accidentally hurt each other.