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 Karate Belts symbolizes your knowledge. White beltis the first step in karate. By every next belt, tasks and techniques are more complexed. Belt maintenance is one step higher toward excellence. The exam is held at skilled karate expert.


Belt Classification


1. White(9 Kyu)

2. Yellow(8 Kyu)

3. Orange(7 Kyu)

4. Green (6 Kyu)

5. Blue I (5 Kyu)

6. Blue II (4 Kyu)

7. Brown I (3 Kyu)

8. Brown II (2 Kyu)

9. Brown III (1 Kyu)

10. Black (1 Dan)







9 Kyu
8 Kyu 7 Kyu 6 Kyu 5 Kyu 4 Kyu 3 Kyu 2 Kyu 1 Kyu 1 Dan
45 Lt 65 Lt 70 Lt 75 Lt 80 Lt 85 Lt 90 Lt 95 Lt 100 Lt 100 $





This is another workout but in extreme conditions. The competitor must show all skills, courage and cold emotions.

When you work hard during workouts, the results in competitions should speak for themselves.


A Karate contest conducted under the rules of the ITKF must conform to the definition of Karate.  All rules enacted by the ITKF must always be considered from the standpoint of helping and motivating the participant toward the perfection of human character through unlimited physical and ment seeking.


The most visible and compelling difference between Traditional Karate and other Karate-like sports is that Traditional Karate’s competition rules specifically require each technique to have sufficient maximum force resulting in a “finishing blow.”  These other sports do not have competition rules that exact such a requirement of each of their techniques.  Because of this very important distinction, the training methods and biomechanics of Traditional Karate are therefore much different from these other sports.




1. Kata


Form. It is a fight against imaginary opponents.

The winners were determined by the number of points collected, or to raise the number of judges flags.


Individual Women


Individual Men 


Team Women


Team Men




2. Kumite


Real fight against one each over.

The one who has the more points wins the fight. If ther is draw, there is given extra time.

If after extra time is still a draw the winner is decided by judges.

At Jui and Ko-Go kumite oponent must wear special ITKF gloves.

These gloves are not with padding they ar for hygiene.


Kihon Ippon Kumite

First Step Kumite

Jui Ippon Kumite

Second Step Kumite

Ko-Go Kumite

Almost Free Fight

   Jui Kumite

      Free Fight

Team Men Jui Kumite

Free Fight




3. En-Bu


A pair of athletes performs choreographed offense/defense techniques.

The performance must take from 55 sec to 65 sec.



Men vs Men


Men vs Women



4. Fuku-go


Alternate individual Kata and Kumite.

In one round you need to compete in kata, and in another round - in kumite.

In the final there is always kumite.